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    Locate and start your car by phone or watch

    Viper's VSM550 SmartStart GPS Module lets you use your smartphone or similar device to locate, secure, and start your vehicle, plus much more. Once you're connected to the Cloud via the Viper SmartStart App you've downloaded to your device, you'll be able to lock and unlock your doors, pop the trunk, or start a car already equipped with a compatible remote start system. SmartStart GPS can even alert a nervous parent when the vehicle's not in the right area or traveling too fast. If your device has internet service, you can communicate with your car and can control many of its functions remotely, even if you're hundreds of miles away.

    The VSM550 uses Verizon CDMA/4G technology to communicate with the Cloud, giving you wide national coverage, fast response times, and low power consumption anywhere in the United States (no service in Canada).

    The Viper SmartStart GPS Premium service plan

    First, you'll need to purchase a 1- or 3-year subscription to Viper's SmartStart GPS Premium service plan in order to take advantage of the features SmartStart has to offer. The plan's most valuable and reassuring feature is membership in the Viper Motor Club, which entitles you to free roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year — a great feature if you need towing, a new battery, or a tire.

    GPS features

    The SmartStart GPS app can show you your car's location and alert you if it leaves a designated location. The app can display your vehicle's speed, and alert you if that speed gets too high. With one click, Social Media Check-in lets you share your parking location with your Facebook friends. When you upgrade to the GPS Premium Secure service plan, you can set up a SmartFence around your car that alerts you if the car leaves that area, or create a HotSpot that alerts you if the car enters a forbidden zone. SmartSchedule, another feature in the Premium service, sends you behavior-based reminders when it's time to start your car, taking into account your commute time and outside temperature.

    More interactive features

    The Viper SmartStart app displays a background image that shows you what the weather's like at your location. For your peace of mind, the Vehicle Status screen shows you whether your car's locked, armed, running, or has a door open. If anything disturbs your car's security system, SmartStart will send an alert to your phone and a text message with the details of the occurrence. Every time you use your phone to lock your car, the SmartPark feature remembers where you parked. To return, you press "Find My Car" and SmartPark shows you a map to your car accompanied by any helpful notes or photos you stored there.

    Like a lot of security systems, the Viper SmartStart also includes a panic button, so you can set off an alarm in case of an emergency. Two auxiliary channels allow you to turn on the dome light, open the windows, or control other additional actions. The Parking Meter keeps track of the time remaining on your meter, alerting you when it's time to feed it more coins.

    "Open SmartStart, please"

    That's right. Some smartphones with voice command capabilities let you gain access to SmartStart verbally from wherever you are, as long as you have phone service. SmartStart works with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, select Android devices, as well as Apple and Android smartwatches. The Home Control feature even allows you to access and control your home security system from your smartphone, so you'll know your home is safe and sound while you're away.

    Product Highlights:

    • SmartStart GPS Module for a remote start system
    • displays your location, your vehicle's speed, and customized GPS alerts
    • compatible with iOS (4.3 or later) and Android (SDK 1.6 or newer) devices
    • not compatible with BlackBerry devices
    • works with most Viper, Directed, and Python remote start systems
    • requires a SmartStart GPS Premium service plan
    • plan connectivity managed via the Directed Cloud Services (DCS) network linking your car, the SmartStart App, the Internet, and your smartphone
    • interface managed with the Viper SmartStart app downloaded to your device (available free from the iTunes® App Store or the Android Market site)
    • uses CDMA/4G network technology (not available in Canada)
    • features include lock/arm, unlock/disarm, remote start, trunk release, panic button, and 2 auxiliary channels
    • all service plans include free membership in the Viper Motor Club with 24/7/365 roadside assistance
    • features SmartAlert, Vehicle Locator, Speed Alert, Lock Down, and Low Battery Alert
    • SmartPark feature shows you where you parked
    • Social Media Check-in shares your parking spot with friends
    • Parking Meter keeps track of how much time is left on the meter
    • Home Control connects to your home security system
    • GPS Premium Secure plan adds SmartFence and HotSpot location alerts and SmartSchedule car-starting reminders

    Order Includes

    • VSM550 SmartStart module with attached 5" harnesses
    • 42" Main harness w/ 4-pin plug on one end and 3 plugs/power/ground wires on other end (inline 3A mini fuse)
    • AirID Sticker
    • Quick reference guide (Eng / Fren / Span)
    • Install guide (Eng / Span)
    • Install guide (French)
    • 3 Warranty and safety sheets (Eng / Fren / Span)


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