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  • All Lighting Trendz DRLs, Halos, Strips, and Rock Light products come with a 1-year warranty unless installed by an authorized installer, which extends the warranty to our lifetime warranty! If you need assistance finding an installer press here ( Dealer Locations).
  • All Lighting Trendz Pre-Built Headlights come with a lifetime warranty covering moisture that can accumulate and manufacturer/installation issues.
  • LED Bulbs come with a 3-year warranty and cannot be extended.
  • Any non-Lighting Trendz products follow the manufacturer warranty guidelines/process.
  • Lighting Trendz is not responsible for any costs associated with any repairs or warranty work.


Can I return my order?

We do accept returns within the first 30 days if the products are unused and in new condition. Products outside of 30 days from receiving your item are ineligible for a refund or exchange. We do not accept returns on custom parts (lens etching, custom or prebuilt headlights, etc.) or any items in our Closeouts section.

Who pays shipping for returns?

Although we are happy to facilitate returns and exchanges, please note that we do not cover the cost of return shipping unless it's required due to an error on our part. If we find that the error is on our end, we will send you a prepaid return shipping label via email and cover the cost of postage to return the item to us. If the error is not on our part and the customer would like a shipping label provided by us we can offer them for purchase and can send an invoice for the label.

Return/Exchange Timeframes
  • You have 30 days from the original purchase date to apply for a refund.
  • You have 60 days from the original purchase date to apply for an exchange for a different product.
  • To avoid delays and restocking fees, returns or exchanges must be postmarked within 15 days of receiving approval for the return.
  • Refunds will be credited back to the original payment source used. If the purchase was made with a gift certificate or store credit, the refund will be provided in the form of store credit.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable, and the refund amount will be adjusted accordingly.
  • It may take up to 2-5 business days for the refund to reflect in your account once the return is processed.

All prebuilt items, custom parts, damaged/used items, closeouts, special ordered products.


Orders are able to be canceled only within the first hour of placing your order, after that the order has already been processed and unable to be cancelled. All custom built products are unable to be cancelled or returned.


Coupon Usage
  • Coupon codes and other promotions cannot be combined.
  • You can use the most advantageous offer or promotion available at the time of ordering, but you cannot combine multiple offers.
  • Certain products may not be eligible for discounts using coupons/may have different discount amounts.


Where is my order?
Please fill out this form to inquire about the status of your order: Order Status . Once received a representative will reach out via email with an update.
How long does shipping take?
All orders for in stock and non-custom built items ship same day the order is placed (as long as it is before 3pm EST). Shipping times vary depending on your location and shipping speed selected. Free Shipping usually takes 5-7 days to arrive, while additional methods ship quicker. Please note that our warehouse is closed on weekends and any orders placed after 3pm Friday will ship out the following business day. Overnight orders will ship same day but follow the carriers’ policies on delivery, meaning any overnight orders that ship on Friday are expected to arrive on Monday, unless Saturday Delivery is chosen. Saturday Delivery is not always available and if this is needed please contact us to check availability for your area.

Installation Assistance

Where can I find installation help?
We have instructional pages located here to assist with installation. ( Instruction tips and tricks) If any additional assistance is required feel free to contact us 10am-4pm EST Monday through Friday.

Product Questions

What is the difference in RGB, RGBW, and Flow Series?
RGB, RGBW, and Flow Series are different types of LED lighting systems that offer distinct features and capabilities.
  • RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue and refers to a lighting system that can produce different colors by blending these three primary colors. RGB lighting offers a wide range of colors and can be controlled through a remote or mobile app. RGBW stands for Red, Green, Blue, and White and offers the same color capabilities as RGB lighting but with an additional white LED. This allows for more precise color temperature control and the ability to create pastel colors.
  • Flow Series, on the other hand, is a dynamic LED lighting system that offers a range of pre-programmed lighting effects. These effects can be controlled through a mobile app and can be customized to suit your specific needs. In summary, the main differences between RGB, RGBW, and Flow Series lighting systems lie in their color capabilities and features. While RGB and RGBW offer the ability to produce a wide range of colors, Flow Series offers pre-programmed lighting effects for added convenience and customization options. The choice of which lighting system to use ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.
What is the difference in controllers for each product?
  • The type of controller needed for each product will depend on the specific lighting system being used. Generally speaking, RGB and RGBW lighting systems are typically controlled using a remote or a mobile app. These controllers allow users to adjust the color, brightness, and saturation of the lighting system, as well as select pre-programmed lighting modes and effects.
  • Flow Series lighting systems, on the other hand, typically require a WiFi or Bluetooth controller that is compatible with the specific product. These controllers allow users to access the pre-programmed lighting effects and customize them to their liking using a mobile app.
Can everything be controlled by one controller /app?
Our LEDs have quite a few options and styles and not all can be combined/controlled together. We recommend contacting us to check compatibility and to make your setup as seamless as can be!
I don’t see anything for my vehicle, what can I do?
We try to feature as many kits on our site as we can, but are always open to suggestions! If you do not see a kit you would like or something compatible for your vehicle please contact us and we can either customize a kit for you or work with you to make a kit that fits your needs!


How does sponsorship work?
We offer partial sponsorships based on each individual’s social media portfolio. If interested in applying, please apply here.

Wholesale Accounts

Does Lighting Trendz Offer Wholesale Accounts?
Lighting Trendz has a competitive wholesales program that is based on a tier buy-in system that provides higher discounts based on order quantity. If interested in applying for wholesale dealer account, please apply here

Car Shows

Car Show Application

If you would like to showcase your vehicle with Lighting Trendz, please fill out this application for a chance to be chosen! Click here to submit an application.