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    Along with the finest in Ticket-Free performance, K40 takes your safety seriously. Now, for the first time, you can control your portable radar and laser detector with a convenient handheld remote control or professionally installed expert controller. This innovation allows you to customize and control your radar detector while keeping your eyes on the road. K40’s Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector is also ready to connect to your professionally installed Laser Defusers, giving you the confidence of true protection from laser speeding tickets and audible and visual alerts through your Platinum100. Hence, you know exactly when you are being targeted by and jamming police laser.

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    Features designed with you and your vehicle in mind. The Platinum100 gives you the ultimate in portable speeding ticket protection and puts you in control of where and when you hear police radar and laser alerts. With K40, you’re ready to drive right out of the box. The Platinum100 is pre-programmed for optimal protection for most drivers, with the ability to customize features to your exact driver preferences. Give us a call at 800-323-5608, and we will explain it all.

    Optional Wireless or Hardwired Remote Control – The Platinum100 is the first portable radar detector built with your safety in mind. You now have the option to control your Platinum100 with a remote control. You can purchase the Platinum100 with or without a hand-held remote control, or special order a hard-wired, back-lit, Expert remote control option and have your retailer custom install it into your vehicle.

    The Latest Technology for Long Range Protection – The Platinum100 includes engineering enhancements that will inspire confidence to drive with the very best speeding ticket protection available today.

    • New LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver technology that increases range and sensitivity.
    • A more powerful CPU for a more responsive system and greater customization options.
    • USB is updateable for future expansion.

    GPS Features – The Platinum100 offers you full customizable GPS technology features such as:

    • Mark to Mute – Mute audible warnings of non-police radar locations you regularly travel past by pressing the MM button on your remote control
    • Mark to Alert – Mark locations to alert such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red-light cameras by pressing the MA button on your remote control.
    • Speed Monitor – Track your speed without taking your eyes off the road and be alerted if you exceed your selected speed.
    • Quiet Ride – Mute all alerts under a pre-selected speed. Eliminates alerts when driving at or near the posted speed limit (default setting is 20 mph).
    • Auto Filter – Sensitivity automatically adjusts to the optimum setting based on your vehicle’s speed. This “set it and forget it” options means you always have just the right amount of protection. Less sensitivity at lower speed means fewer false alerts, and increased sensitivity at higher speeds means more time to slow down.

    Advanced Filtering – The Platinum100 is packed with advanced filtering technology to make it the quietest, most dependable radar and laser detector available today.

    • K-Band Filter – Automatically rejects false alerts from radar-based safety features like Collision Avoidance and Lane departure Warning from other vehicles (including your own).
    • Traffic Sensor Filter – Rejects alerts from traffic flow sensors usually encountered during highway driving.
    • Ka-Band Filter – Enables filtration of non-police Ka-Band radar signals, e.g., other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands.

    Radar Band Selectivity – The Platinum100 offers you the option to choose specific band frequency ranges that you wish to be alert to. Make the drive even quieter by honing in on specific frequency ranges used only by a police officer’s radar gun.

    • K-Band Narrow/Wide/Extended – This allows you to customize the frequency range of K-Band radar signals your system scans and alerts for.
    • Ka-Band Narrow/Wide – This allows you to customize the frequency range of Ka-Band radar signals your system scans and alerts for.

    Optional K40 Laser Defuser® Protection – Become invisible to police laser guns. The Platinum100 allows you to plug in your professionally installed Laser Defusers, so that audible and visual alerts appear on your Platinum100 display. Don’t just be alerted to police laser guns; combat them.


    Products subject to one or more of the following U.S. Patents:
    7,298,248 B2
    Other patents are pending.

    Detects and alerts to every FCC approved North American police radar frequencies.

    Specifications Technical
    Operating Frequencies

    10.500 – 10.550 GHz (X-Band)
    23.950 – 24.285 GHz (K-Band)
    33.400 – 36.000 GHz (Ka-Band)
    830 – 945 nanometers (Laser)

    K-Band Selectivity:
    K Narrow
    K Extended

    Scans specific K-Band frequency ranges
    24.080-24.200 GHz
    24.026-24.285 GHz
    23.950-24.285 GHz

    Ka-Band Selectivity:
    Ka Narrow

    Scans 100 MHz above/below the most important frequencies
    33.7-33.9 GHz / 34.6-34.8 GHz / 35.4-35.6 GHz
    33.4-36.00 GHz

    Power Requirements

    10.05 – 16.0 Volts DC negative ground
    185 mA typical standby

    Dimensions 4.50 in. L x 3.50 in. W x 1.45 in. H
    Weight 6.2 oz.
    Optional Wireless Remote Control 3.07 in. L x 1.43 in. W x .45 in. D (CR2032 Cell Battery)
    Optional Expert Control Unit 1.76 in L x 0.76 in W x 0.35 in H w/attached 8? cable
    Radar Receiver Type DLNA, Dynamic Low Noise Amplifier
    GPS Receiver Type SiRFstar III
    Signal Strength Indicators Audible Geiger and visual signal strength indicators
    RDD Guard Protection from Radar Detector Detectors
    Temperature Range -40° – +165° Fahrenheit
    Coiled Power Cord 3’2″ coiled length / 4’6″ stretched length – 1.3mm center tip positive – F2AL 2 Amp fuse.
    Straight Power Cord 10′ length – 1.3mm center tip positive – F2AL 2 Amp fuse.

    Filter Settings

    Level/Mode Sensitivity Recommended Use
    1. Highway Detects X, K, Ka-Band, and laser signals at full sensitivity. (Factory Default) For highway travel or in any area in which you are unfamiliar with the types of radar used.
    2. City Decreases range and sensitivity on X, K, and Ka-Bands. Laser detection remains at full sensitivity. When traveling in an urban area with minimal non-police radar signals.
    3. Filter X-Band off. Further range and sensitivity reduction of K and KaBands. Laser detection remains at full sensitivity. When traveling in a congested traffic area with a high concentration of non-police radar signals.
    4. Auto Adjusts range and sensitivity on all radar bands based on vehicle speed.
    Laser detection remains at full sensitivity.0-45 mph = Filter setting sensitivity.
    46-55 mph = City setting sensitivity.
    56 mph+ = Highway setting sensitivity.
    Allows for less sensitivity in low-speed situations and more range and sensitivity in higher speed situations.

    Factory Default Customizable Settings

    Menu Options Default Setting Description
    Voice Type “Female Voice” Choose a male or female voice for audio alerts.
    Audible Voice “Voice On” For all initial audio alerts. “Voice On” uses voice, “Voice Off” uses tones only.
    Wake-Up Sequence “Wake-up Long” “Wake-Up Long” is a standard 5-second sequence.
    “Wake-Up Short” uses an abbreviated sequence.
    “Walke-Up Silent” display only, no audible.
    Auto Volume “Auto Volume On” Automatically reduces volume every 3 seconds.
    Display Color “White” Choose white, red, blue, amber, or green accents for OLED display.
    Display Mode “Speed/Compass” Speed/Compass, Speed/Voltage, Speed/All Threat on the left, and right of the display.
    Alert Display “5-Bar” 5-bar or 3-bar alert display setting.
    Time “Time-Off” Enable to see a clock in the center section of the display.
    DST (Active when “Time-On”) Off Enable Daylight Savings Time.
    GMT (Active when “Time-On”) -5 Sets time zone according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Common North American time zone settings:
    • GMT – 05:00 – Eastern Standard
    • GMT – 06:00 – Central Standard
    • GMT – 07:00 – Mountain Standard
    • GMT – 08:00 – Pacific Standard
    • GMT – 09:00 – Yukon Standard
    • GMT – 10:00 – Alaska/Hawaii Standard
    X-Band “X-Band On” Enables the detection of X-Band radar.
    K-Band (Selectable) “K-Wide”
    • ”K-Wide” scans the standard range of K-Band frequencies that police radar guns can use.
    • ”K-Narrow” scans the primary K-Band frequencies of police radar guns being used.
    • ”K-Extended” scans radar frequencies below the standard range of speed enforcement technology that may be used in your area now or in the future.
    Ka-Band (Selectable) “Ka-Wide”
    • ”Ka-Wide” scans the entire possible range of Ka-Band frequencies that police radar guns can use.
    • ”Ka=Narrow” scans the primary Ka-Band frequencies of police radar guns being used.
    Ka-Band Filter “Ka-Filter Off” Enables the filtration of Ka-Band non-police radar signals.
    Traffic Sensor Filter “Traffic Sensor Filter Off” Enables the filtration of K-Band signals from traffic flow radar sensors to reduce false alerts.
    MRCD/CT “MRCD Off” Enables MRCD/CT photo radar detection.
    MRCD/CT Filter (Active when “MRCD/CD-On”) Off Reduces false alerts when MRCD/CT detection is enabled.
    Laser “Laser On” Enables the detection of Laser.
    Optional Laser Defuser “Defuser On” Enables Laser Defusers if installed and plugged into the Platinum100
    Laser Settings “Laser Constant Transmit” Choose Constant, Pulse, or Receive-Only mode of the K40 Laser Defuser system if installed.
    Speed Units “Miles Per Hour” Choose miles per hour or Kilometers per hour.
    Low Battery Warning “Off” Warning tone sounds if vehicle battery power drops below 11V.
    Auto Power “Auto Power Off” Turns the power off if speed stays at zero or if GPS is not connected for one hour.
    Delete All Mute Locations N/A Clears all stored muted locations. See page 19.
    Delete All Alert Locations N/A Clears all stored alert locations. See page 20.
    Firmware Version N/A The current firmware version is displayed onscreen.
    Factory Reset “Factory Reset” Restores original factory default settings.
    Exit “Exit” Exit the settings menu and save your selections.

    Manuals and Brochures

    Platinum100 Owner’s Manual
    Platinum100 Defuser Wiring 9/22

    Not finding what you’re looking for? Search through our complete list of Manuals & Brochures.


    How much warning time does a K40 radar detector provide?

    Trying to estimate warning time in an actual mile or feet measurement is impossible since true warning time is influenced by many outside variables that have nothing to do with the radar detector itself. For example, the strength of the radar signal being transmitted, the direction the gun is pointed, the length of time it is transmitting, the positioning of the patrol car, and the influence of other objects around you may all affect how your radar detector receives a signal.
    For these reasons, don’t expect your detector to achieve the same warning distance every time you encounter police radar. Just expect it to do what you bought it for: give you enough time to slow down and save yourself from receiving a speeding ticket.

    What’s the difference between sensitivity and selectivity?

    Sensitivity refers to a radar detector’s ability to pick up police signals at the greatest distance. Selectivity refers to the detector’s ability to filter out signals that are not true police signals, yet operate on the same frequencies as police radar (i.e. security alarms, garage doors, automatic doors, etc.).
    The filtration software built into K40 radar receivers features very unique microelectronic processors that minimize distractions that come from non-police radar transmitters. This helps give you the time you need to react to real potential threats, without the constant “falsing” that makes other detectors difficult to use in today’s challenging driving environments.

    Sometimes I pass a parked police car or one traveling in the other direction, but my detector doesn’t alarm. Why is that?

    Radar detectors are essentially superheterodyne radio receivers. Like any radio, they’re passive devices that listen for microwave signals. The main difference is that they are specially-tuned to detect microwave frequencies transmitted by police radar and laser guns.
    If a police car is not equipped with a radar or laser gun, a radar detector cannot possibly locate it. Also, if no signal is transmitted when you pass the police car, there won’t be any signals for your detector to receive.
    Police may also use a sinister technique called “Instant-On” or “RF Hold.” During this type of encounter, an officer will wait until a targeted vehicle is within range to send a quick burst of radar to clock its speed. K40 radar detectors are sensitive enough to detect these brief, weak signals, but you have to pay attention and react quickly.

    I drove past a speed box and it displayed my speed. How and why?

    Speed signs – or speed reading boxes – are radar-based. Radar detectors are not radar jammers. Jamming radar is a federal offense and is prohibited by federal law nationwide. These informational-only speed readers, if working properly, should always detect and display your speed.

    I drove past a speed box and my radar detector didn’t go off. Why?

    Speed signs – or speed reading boxes – are not used to issue traffic tickets or citations. As a result, these portable systems are not calibrated regularly and can “drift” away from the FCC-authorized frequencies. Because of this, when passing one of these signs that say Your Speed Is…,” you may or may not receive an alert. These devices are primarily placed in residential areas as a reminder to obey the speed limit.

    What is “POP” Mode?

    POP Mode, when turned on, enables the detection of a special band of radar known as “POP.” This is a very short transmission signal that allows the user of a radar gun to capture a quick read of a vehicle’s speed prior to setting the gun to another band. K40 recommends that you keep the POP Radar Mode turned off for two reasons: 1) POP radar does not transmit long enough to gather information needed to issue a speeding ticket, and 2) keeping POP Mode “on” is known to cause far more false alerts than actual alerts.

    Do you “jam” radar?

    No, we do not. The sale and use of radar jammers has been banned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) since 1997. The fines for each violation can reach up to $11,000.

    Can a tinted windshield negatively affect the performance of my radar detector?

    Today, many high-end car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, are incorporating special tints into their windshields to protect the interior look and comfort of their cars. Unfortunately, this creates a very real problem for people who own portable radar detectors.
    Putting tint of any kind on your windshield that contains metal film is essentially like putting a blanket over your radar detector. While radar microwave signals can still travel through fiberglass, plastic, and glass, they cannot penetrate metal. Some tints are worse than others, but if it contains metal of any kind, it will reduce the performance of any portable radar detector mounted inside the car.

    I’ve heard that you pay speeding tickets… Is that for real?

    We have absolute confidence in the performance of our products, and you should never get a speeding ticket when they are operating and used properly. In the rare event you should receive a speeding ticket in the first 12 months of ownership, we’ll pay any and all fines (excludes attorney fees and/or insurance premium increases as well as tickets issued in school zones, construction zones, and/or when DUI or DWI is involved). No questions asked.


    Install Instructions

    Any other questions or concerns please try our live chat or give us a call at (973)-803-2834

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