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What is the difference in between our Underbody Lighting kits?

Are you looking to give your ride the extra little bit that it needs? Look no further than one of our underbody lighting kits! These kits illuminate underneath your vehicle giving you a look that is unmatched. We do have several options available so please see the differences below!

Our underbody kits are available in RGB, RGBW, and Flow Series:

  • RGB:Full Color Functionality
  • RGBW: Full Color Functionality including 6k white 
  • Flow Series:Full Color Functionality with over 200+ Sequential/Chasing Modes (With a built in turn signal and brake function)

Aluminum Underbody Lighting Kit

This is our most popular underbody kit and gives you the easiest install. Included in the kit is four rigid aluminum backed LED strips, two strips are 36" and two strips are 60". Most vehicles do not need trimming, but if any of the strips are too long or do not fit for your application they can easily be trimmed. To purchase our aluminum underbody lighting kit click here.

Flex Underbody Lighting Kit

This is our budget kit, and the cheapest available option. This kit includes four flexible LED strips all 60" in length and will require trimming to fit on the front and rear. The bonus to this kit is that because the strips are flexible you are able to curve them to fit your mounting area on the front bumper, this gives a more full look compared to the rigid strip used in the aluminum kit. Additionally, this kit allows for the option of double row strips to be used rather than single row. By selecting double row your kit will still come with four strips, but all four strips will be double wide, and have double the LEDs... so that is right, DOUBLE THE BRIGHTNESS.To purchase our flex underbody lighting kit press here.

Ultimate Full Coverage Underbody Lighting Kit

This is our best kit available if you are looking for the fullest look under your vehicle. Included with this kit is 6 strips, four 36", and two 84" flexible strips that will need to be trimmed to fit your exact vehicle. Having two strips for the front and rear allows you to use your flow series underbody lights to its fullest potential. The strips will be divided into left and right side making the patterns appear to flow from the center of the vehicle out and making the built in turn signal function work properly.To purchase our full coverage underbody lighting kit press here.