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2015 Dodge Charger Buyers Guide

2015+ Dodge Charger Buyer's Guide

If you’re looking to upgrade the basic headlights on your 2015+ Charger to awesome color changing DRLs and Halos look no further. We have several options when it comes to halos with different functions/looks.

Option #1–RGBWA DRL Boards:

If you’re looking to have a headlight mod that looks like it came from the factory this is your #1 option. These replace the OEM DRL boards and have full color functionality meaning they can do every solid color including OEM white! Additionally they come with an optional Amber switchback function allowing you to have both DRLs work as blinkers.

Option #2– Flow Series DRL Boards:

This option has two options available. Flow Series DRLs will be able to do millions of solid colors just like the RGBW but will also give you the option for 200 chasing patterns, which always break necks. (keep in mind if you are looking to include the BlueGhozt controller to your order you will need the Flow Series Halos and the correct BlueGhozt configuration, press the chat button in the bottom right and we will be able to assist in getting the correct items).

The DRLs will replace your OEM DRLs with DRL strips that install in the place of the existing DRL Diffusers and give a much different look than OEM. 

Dodge Charger 2015

What does adding Halo and DRL Diffusers do?

Adding diffusers just add a cover on the DRL and Halos to give the LEDs a more solid look rather than seeing each LED individually.


What are Projector Halos and Fog Halos?

Projector Halos: the LED ring that mounts around the projector (80mm)

Fog Halos: the LED ring that mounts on the projector fog lights (55mm) *If you have rectangular fog lights you will need LED strips instead - make a note of it when ordering and we will get you the correct part!

What are Demon Eyes?

These are a separate product which will allow you to have more customizable options in your headlights. Demon eyes are a small LED chip that mounts behind the product giving you the ability to light up the lens any color you want! Typically they are controlled separately from the Halos/DRLs so you can have them set to different colors at the same time. We have two options for demon eyes:

4W High Power Demon Eyes - uses two LEDs to light up the projector, giving it a brighter look than the regular demon eyes.

Regular Demon Eyes - uses a single LED to light up behind the projector.