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Need some help? We got you covered! UNDERBODY INSTALL GUIDE Shop Underbody Styles Here! Step 1: Test all the underbody strips and controller It is recommended before installing pr setting a date for install all of the parts are tested. You can do this by connecting each strip direct to the controller on the DI side of the strip. Once all four strips are connected connect the black wire from the controller and connect to the ground on a 12v power source, then connect the red wire from the controller and connect to the positive on the 12v power source. Once connected take out your smartphone and open the app needed for your lights (If Flow Series use MagicLED, and if RGBW/RGB use MagicLight BLE). If all lights power on and function as they should you are good to install on your vehicle! Step 2: Mount the LED Strips to the vehicle! Place the LED strips underneath the vehicle where you would like them mounted then attach! Whether you are using brackets or 3m tape, additional security is recommended, and zip ties go a long way. When mounting, ensure that the brackets or zip ties are no more than 12”-24” apart to give the best hold. *Make sure when mounting the strips you avoid all jack points or areas that can be affected when the vehicle is getting serviced** Step 3: Mounting the Controller Our controller is waterproof and can withstand the elements without issue, but due to the extensive heat created by some engines we do recommend placing it outside of the direct heat and more towards the front bumper. Each vehicle is different but typically we mount behind the front bumper where there is extra airflow to avoid possible overheating. **Make sure the power and ground can reach the point of power being used, each vehicle is different so some extending of the power and ground may be needed** Step 4: Running Wires Now that your controller and strips are mounted you are ready to connect to them. Run all your wires direct to the controller using the included extensions. When running the extensions we recommend running behind body panels or along existing wiring to prevent any excessive damage from road debris or the weather. Step 5: Enjoying Your Lights
 We don’t have to tell you to do this part, but we can help with connecting and using the app! Take out your phone and connect to the controller through the App. If Flow Series you will be using MagicLED and when connecting through the app you will connect to the controller named MLC-01. If RGBW/RGB you will be using Magic Light BLE, you will need to connect to the controller within 60 seconds of connecting to power otherwise you might get an error. If you do just pull the fuse and put back in and reconnect through the app. We love seeing our kits in action! Be sure to tag us on instagram so we can repost you and checkout your ride! Follow Us! NEED MORE ASSISTANCE? We are always here to help yo! If you need further assistance, have additional questions, or just want to chat please email us at [email protected] Underbody Lights