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Embarking on Your LED Journey: A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Control Options

Welcome to the vibrant world of LED aftermarket lights, where every journey is an opportunity to illuminate the road with your unique style. Yes, finding the perfect LED lighting for your car is a big part of the fun, but the selection of the perfect remote control is a very important aspect to your LED lighting experience. Your remote is small but significant part that holds the power to unlock the full potential of your LED lighting experience.

Understanding the Diversity of LED Lights

Before we dive into the details of the remote controllers that we offer, let's talk about what LED lights we have to offer:

RGBW Lights

RGBW lights offer a color spectrum of over 4 billion colors, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for every drive. RGBW lights display static lights that you can display in whatever rotation you want. You can also just keep it one color, according to the vibe you are going for. RGBW is for people who are looking for classier color changing LEDs that are brighter and have a longer life span due to its simplicity.

Flow Series Lights: Dynamic Motion and Flair

For car enthusiasts seeking to captivate attention, the Flow Series lights are the lights for you. With their mesmerizing chasing patterns and RGBW capabilities, these lights add an element of excitement to any vehicle. Ideal for people who register their cars in car shows or individuals who want to a bold statement on the road, the Flow Series promises unparalleled customization and flair. This light is for people who want a flashier and more customizable LED light.


Now that we've explained what LED light is best for you, let's dive in to which remote is right for you!:

RGBW Bluetooth Remote Controls:

The RGBW LED only has a bluetooth controller. With this, you have two different options, you could get it as a single channel or a dual channel.

- Single Channel: Simplify your lighting experience with a single-channel remote, offering effortless control over color and pattern selection. This can be connected to multiple different lights such as a grille light and a halo light, and you can have matching red led lights all in the control of one single channel remote.

- Dual Channel: A dual-channel remote allows you to fine-tune individual LED components to suit your preferences. This means that you can connect your bluetooth to different LEDs and have two different LED light patterns simultaneously. With the dual channel remote, it will give you the option to set different colors for two different components with only needing one device mounted in the vehicle. For example, if you want to do DRL and halos separately, you can hook it up to the controller, and then rename each controller. This is good for people who need separate zones inside their headlights or grille lights, anything that’s 5V. So, this remote would not be suitable for the Underbody LED Lighting Kit. Underbody wheel rings cannot use this.

Flow Series Remote Controls:

-Flow Series Handheld: The Flow Series Handheld remote has 200 chasing patterns that is ready made for you to choose from. It is also a simple way to use your LEDs without the hassle of technological knowledge or the reliance of your phone’s battery. This remote is also great because it is quicker to change the pattern since the handheld is quickly accessible. This remote is compatible with all five volt Flow Series kits and offers four color options: red, white, green, and blue. It is simple and straight forward with having the head-turning Flow Series Chasing look.

This kind of remote is good for people who don’t want an app on their phone, or don’t want to rely on their phone, and are not selective about color shade. This is a simple solution to Flow Series and also draws less amperage from your battery. The handheld remote is going to be a fantastic option for the entry level user who is looking for something that is affordable and does basic functions.

- Flow Series Bluetooth: Seamlessly integrate control with your smartphone using a Bluetooth remote, unlocking a world of customization and versatility. With full color wheel selection, the Bluetooth remote offers unparalleled freedom and convenience. No losing an extra handheld remote, no searching for it, it is right in your phone. You are able to customize the different type of colors that you want and the app comes with 200 different chasing patterns to choose from. This remote also comes standard when bluetooth is selected.

This remote would be good for any user who is looking for what the handheld has to offer but wants it on their phone and in addition to that, has that full color wheel allowing you to customize the shade. This remote would be good for those who like to customize their vehicle with options already created for them.

- Flow Series Bluetooth 2.0: Our Flow Series Bluetooth 2.0 is similar to the standard bluetooth but better. This controller does everything the standard bluetooth does, but can also save patterns and customize the name of them. This would also be for people who are trying to utilize multiple flows series components inside of their vehicle and to be able to differentiate/identify which controller is for what component.

- Flow Series BlueGhozt: This remote is the top of the line Flow Series Remote Control, where every aspect of your LED lighting experience is under your command. From personalized patterns to integrated OEM functions, the BlueGhozt remote empowers you to transform your vehicle's lighting into a captivating spectacle.

The Flow Series BlueGhozt is the best remote with the most customizable option out there. Save your favorite patterns, control what colors are inside each, how quickly goes, what direction it goes. It also has input wiring functions available, you can use turn signals, DRLs, reverse lights, and brake lights all connected to your OEM wiring. This way all of your LED functions are fully customizable!

Choosing the Perfect Flow Series Remote for You

Selecting the ideal remote control hinges on your unique preferences and requirements:

- For Tech-Savvy Enthusiasts: Embrace the convenience of smartphone control with the Flow Series Bluetooth remote, offering limitless customization at your fingertips.

- For Classic Connoisseurs: Opt for the simplicity and elegance of the Flow Series Handheld remote, providing timeless appeal and effortless functionality.

- For Showstoppers: Indulge in the ultimate LED experience with the Flow Series Blueghozt remote, where customization knows no bounds.

With the right remote control, your LED lights will not only illuminate the road but also elevate your driving experience to new heights of style and sophistication. So, choose wisely, and let your lights shine bright!


In conclusion, navigating the world of LED aftermarket lights is an exhilarating journey filled with endless possibilities. From the the simplicity of RGBW lights to the dynamic flair of the Flow Series, each option offers a unique opportunity to express your individuality on the road. Finding the right remote for you is such an important part of this experience, a small yet pivotal component that empowers you to harness the full potential of your LED lights. Whether opting for the simplicity of a handheld remote, the versatility of Bluetooth integration, or the boundless customization of the Blueghozt remote, your selection changes your entire experience. As you embark on your LED journey, remember to consider your needs, preferences, and desired level of customization. With the right remote control in hand, your LED lights will not only illuminate the road ahead but also elevate your driving experience to new heights of style and sophistication. So, embrace the brilliance of LED lights, select your remote control wisely, and let your journey be illuminated by the vibrant glow of endless possibilities. Here's to brighter roads and unforgettable adventures ahead!