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Subheading Goes Here How to open and seal my headlights Need some help? Although all headlights are unique they're all opened pretty similarly! Shop Now Types of Sealant There are two main types of sealant used to seal headlights from the factory, BUTYL and PERMASEAL. The type of sealant on the headlights will decide which method of installing you have to use. BUTYL is the easiest to work with and is similar to glue that can be heated up and gently pried open. PERMASEAL is more of a project and is a more permanent sealant, so you will need to cut them open. OPENING UP YOUR HEADLIGHTS Baking your Butyl Headlights To start you will need to preheat the oven to 240 and place the headlight on a cookie sheet to keep off the grates. Insert the headlight into the oven for 12-20 min allowing the butyl to heat up then remove using heat resistant gloves. Once removed take a pry tool or flat head screw driver and work your way around the seal gently prying the lens from the housing. When separating be sure not to bend or damage the channel too much. Once you have made it the entire way around the light you can attempt to pull apart the lens from the housing, if you no luck you may have to reheat the light for 5-10 minutes and try again. When The light is separated you are ready to disassemble the bezel and begin replacing the LEDs. Cutting Open your Permaseal Headlights If your headlights are not opening using the baking method or are permaseal you will need to cut them open. You can use a dremel, rotary cutting tool, or ultrasonic cutter, but you will want to make the cleanest cut possible to make it easier when resealing. You will cut the headlights where the lens meets the housing on the seal moving slowly and all the way around the headlight. Once completed the lens will be separated and you can continue to disasseble the headlight bezel. SEALING YOUR HEADLIGHTS Resealing your Butyl Headlights After you have installed and tested your new LEDs it is time to reseal them. Remove all of the old sealant out of the channel and take your new BUTYL sealant/Rubberwerkz and fill the channel all around the headlight with no gaps. Next, preheat the oven to 240 again and push the lens together on the housing. Once the oven has gotten up to temperature place the headlight in for 12-20 minutes. After the timer is up remove the light with heat resistant gloves and push the lens into the channel, the sealant should be soft from being heated up. When the lens is in the channel completely use some clamps around the channel to hold the lens in place while the light cools. After about 30 minutes you can remove the clamps and remove any excess sealant around the channel. Now you are good to go! Resealing After Cutting Open your Headlights After cutting your headlights open you will need to melt them back together. You will use a hot knife/soldering iron to go around the cut and melt the plastic back together. Once the lens and housing are melted back together take black silicone and go all the way around the seal to ensure it is water tight. Once completed allow the lights to dry for 24 hours before installing on your vehicle.