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Halo/DRL Mounting Tips 1. Using 3M Adhesive Tape:
  • Locate the 3M adhesive tape on the back of your halo ring (which is available on most kits).
  • Remove the film covering from the tape and position the halo ring in the desired location.
  • Press the halo ring firmly against the surface to ensure it sticks properly.
  • For added stability, consider using an adhesive promoter or sanding the surface before mounting.
2. Applying Epoxy:
  • Apply a layer of epoxy on the back of the halo ring.
  • Place the halo ring in the desired location and hold it until the epoxy sets.
  • Make sure the halo ring is securely attached before releasing it.
3. Using Beading Wire:
  • Drill a small hole on each side of the headlight where the halo ring will be mounted.
  • Tie a piece of beading or craft wire around the halo ring and thread it through the holes.
  • Twist the open ends of the wire together on the backside of the headlight to secure the halo ring in place.
  • Check that the halo ring is firmly fixed and adjust the wire if necessary.