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Flow Series Controller Options We have multiple options when it comes to controllers, continue reading to see which is right for you! 5V CONTROLLER OPTIONS HANDHELD CONTROLLER If you are looking for an easy to use option that gets the job done, this is for you. It is a physical controller which allows you to change between the 4 main colors as well as 200 chasing patterns. Shop Now STANDARD BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER Our standard bluetooth controller uses the app Magic LED to control your flow series LEDs from your phone! It provides you with a full color wheel to carefully select your color as well as 200 preset chasing and color changing patterns. Shop Now 2.0 BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER Boasting all of the same functions as the standard bluetooth controller, our 2.0 controller takes your setup one step further. It allows you to rename the controller as well as save your favorite colors and patterns! Renaming of the controller makes it perfect for those who want different zones inside their headlights, just keep in mind this app (LED Hue) and controller is 5v only. Shop Now Galaxy Bluetooth Indicator Controller 12V CONTROLLER OPTIONS This is the standard bluetooth controller available for your new flow series underbody or wheel ring kit. It allows for full color functionality using the Magic LED app with built in Brake and Turn Signal functions to tap into your OEM wiring. Shop Now Best in show! BlueGhozt Bluetooth Controller Unlock the full potential of your flow series LEDs with the top of the line controller! This controller allows for full customization of your patterns, using the built in frameworks for patterns you can select the colors included in each, amount of LEDs lighting up, direction it spins, and more! Also included is the ability to customize different OEM functions and allow them to work as blinkers, DRL with startup patterns, brake lights and reverse lights. Additionally using the blueghozt controller for multiple different lighting kits allows you to group them together to function either as one unit or separately. This makes the Ghozt perfect for anyone running multiple different kits on their vehicle. Shop Now