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HOW TO WIRE UP YOUR NEW FLOW SERIES DASH TRIM KIT WHAT IS NEEDED? 10AMP/20AMP REGULATOR Needed to convert the power from the 12v power source to the 5v needed for our LEDs. 4-OUTPUT HARNESS Needed to power both the controller and the LEDs and send the signal to the LEDs from the control device. HANDHELD/BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER The controller that allows you to change the color and patterns of the halos/strips connected. 43" DASH TRIM STRIPS The LED strips that change color and fit in the gaps of the doors/dash. 6FT JST EXTENSIONS Most strips will need to be extended to reach the controller, these increase the length of the wire to the harness.
1. Connect the 4-Output Harness to the Regulator using the provided DT plug.

2. Connect the Controller Module to the Output Harness using the single female output. 

3. Connect the positive and negative wires from the Regulator to the desired power source.

4. Connect your LEDs to the remaining outputs on the harness.

5. Install the lights in the desired location by pushing them securely into any gap or split in your interior. Use a squeegee or credit card to help fit the lights in tight areas. Note that the lights only bend in one direction, so test them before installing and keep this in mind. Run the wires cleanly and tuck them into cracks and crevices as necessary for the best results. 
NOTE: All vehicle applications are differetn and gaps between trim can vary, some additional adhesive may be needed to hold strips in place, especially in tight corners/bends.

6. Each strip can be cut to fit as needed using common household scissors. You can cut the strip before or after any LED. If you experience flickering after cutting through an LED, cut a little more off and the lights should work normally. Do not cut the wire end; cut it away from the wire.

7. Power each strip by connecting it directly to the wiring harness using the included extension wire. Hide the wires as best you can behind panels. 

8. After comopletion open the MAGIC LED app and enjoy!

Connecting to Bluetooth Scan the QR Code, or download the app Magic LED. Once downloaded open the app and connect to SP105E inside. When connected you should be all set! If the lights are not working correctly make sure the settings are GRB SK6812-RGBW. NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE? If you are facing any issues or need more help please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected].