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Engine Bay: An Illuminating Guide to Engine Bay Kits

Let's delve into the exciting world of engine bay kits—a fantastic way to add flair and style to your vehicle's engine bay. These kits consist of LED strips in the rear and front of your bay that illuminate the internal work you’ve done, making it stand out and showcasing your hard work that you put in modifying your engine bay.

What's Included in an Engine Bay Kit?

With the engine bay kit, you have two options. You can have one strip in the back, along the fire wall or the wiper cowl or, you can have the front strip and add a back strip by adding a additional strip along the radiator support to illuminate the front half of the engine bay. These strips are designed to provide optimal lighting coverage, ensuring that your engine is illuminated from all angles. Additionally, engine bay kits often come with a choice of remote control options, including a standard remote, Bluetooth, or Blueghozt, giving you the flexibility to control your lighting setup according to your preferences. You also have the option of RGB, RGBW, and Flow Series LED Lights for customization preference.

Installation Process and Tips

Installing an engine bay kit is a straightforward process that requires a few basic tools and materials. Before you begin, gather the following items:

- Adhesive Promoter for securing the LED strips

- Di-electric grease to protect connections from corrosion and dirt

- Zip ties of varying lengths to secure the LED strips in place

- Tesa tape for wrapping wires and providing additional protection

- Quality flush cutters and crimpers for cutting and securing wires

- Marine grade heat shrink tubing for waterproof connections

- A torch or heat gun for shrinking the heat shrink tubing

Once you have your tools ready, the installation process involves carefully adhering the LED strips along the top of your engine bay. Here's a step-by-step overview:

1. Start by marking a reference line below the weather stripping/wiper cowl where you plan to mount the LED strips.

2. Use a drill to create holes above and below the solder joints of the LED strips, being careful to avoid covering an LED chip with a zip tie.

3. Secure the LED strips in place using zip ties, ensuring that the hardware is concealed in the back for a clean and professional finish.

4. For the front strip installation, clean the surface of the radiator mount thoroughly before applying sticky adhesive and affixing the LED strips. Consider adding additional adhesive or silicone for added durability, especially in areas prone to high temperatures.

Following these steps will ensure a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation of your engine bay kit, allowing you to enjoy enhanced visibility and a sleek look under the hood of your vehicle.

In Conclusion

An engine bay kit is not just about illuminating your engine—it's about showcasing your passion for automotive customization and craftsmanship. With the right tools, materials, and installation techniques, you can transform your engine bay into a focal point that captures attention and admiration. So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and let your engine bay shine bright with an engine bay LED Lighting Kit!

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