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Depending on the type of remote starter you want, remote starters can become very pricey. So why is everyone getting it?

What is a Remote Starter?

A remote starter is a device that can start your car from a distance and warm it up without having to go outside, manually start the car, and wait in the car. This will not only prevent wasting time, and sitting in the cold, but it will help you gain more time preparing to leave and keep you warm. Typically, remote starters are very popular in the fall and winter seasons.

What kind of Remote Starters are there?

There are several different types of remote starters.

  • Remotes installed in your current car key
  • Remotes that come with a separate remote device
  • Remotes that are on an app on your phone
  • Remotes that only turn on your car
  • Remotes that can give you information about your car

Which Remote Starter do I need?

Depending on your need, you can choose what kind of remote you want. There are so many different kinds out there. Do you want the ease of one remote? Get it installed in your current car key. Do you want to be able to turn on your car from a click on your phone wherever you are? Get an app controlled remote starter. Do you struggle with diagnosing your vehicle with any problems or want to know if there was a break in? Get a 2 way remote.

Type of remotes:

  • One Way Remotes: One Way Remotes give you the ability to turn on your car without a key. These will be the cheapest options.

  • Two Way Remotes: Two Way Remotes give you the ability to turn on your car, but also it gives you the ability to get a confirmation of the command on the car. Some also have an LCD display to show you the stats of your vehicle. This will be more expensive.

  • Car Key: This remote is installed in your current car key so that you will not have any extra devices to carry around. This may wear down your buttons over time with the extra button clicking for remote start, but other than that, a convenient key.

  • Separate Key Remote: If you get the separate key, you won’t wear down your original remote car key, but you will have another device to carry on your keychain, which may weigh down your keys when it is in the ignition.

  • Bluetooth App: With this, you can start your car on your phone whenever! No more looking for your keys to start. This remote is typically pricier.

How do I know a Remote Starter is for me?

If you aren’t sure if a remote starter is for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it get cold where I live?
  • Do I tend to be late?
  • Do I like to maximize my time?
  • Do I like to be aware of the health of my car?
  • Does being able to get things done while the car is locked and warming up for you sound beneficial to your life?

If you answered yes, then investing in a remote starter is for you! You may benefit from having a remote starter in your vehicle to make your daily life a little bit easier to manage.


Yes, it may not be a necessity to have a remote starter, but investing in a remote starter could enhance and add additional time to your sleep schedule in the winter, or add more time on your morning routine

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