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STEP 1: First, access the factory LED panels by removing the 4 screws holding the black bezel in place using a T20 bit. Once removed, pull the bezel off and set it to the side. STEP 2: Next, remove the torx screws holding the black alignment bracket in place over the factory boards. Pull the bracket off and unclip the power connector from the factory board. Remove the final torx screw holding the factory board in place. STEP 3: Using a firm grip, pull the factory board off and remove the thermal adhesion pad (sil-pad) from the back of the factory board. Reattach the sil-pad to the back of your new DRL Board STEP 4: 4. Using the alignment tabs, place the new board into place and replace the original retaining screw. Next, replace the black alignment bracket using the original screws. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. STEP 5: 5. Repeat this process for other two LED boards in the headlamp. STEP 6: Once complete, route the wiring from the leds out of the headlamp by drilling a hole in the back of the light just below the dust cap, sealing any holes that you may create. A smaller hold can be used if you decide to depin the connectors. For an RGBW wiring diagram please press the button below: WIRING DIAGRAM STEP 7: Using the alignment tabs, reinstall the black bezel. Once complete, replace the original torx screws and headlamp lense. Repeat for other headlamp. STEP 8: Connect the LED Board connector to the specified RGBW Driver connector Each led is specific to the driver it needs to go to.  List below is the driver type to the LED type. Please make sure to mark your wires accordingly when exiting the headlight as to ensure proper hook up. NOTE: The LED Driver Module will have one YELLOW (optional) and one BLACK (Mandatory)  wire that will need to be connected in order for the DRL boards to function properly. The black wire of each Driver Module must be connected to a factory ground location. Fender bolts and body bolts are not recommended. On the driver side of the vehicle there is one below the air box, and on the passenger side there is one below the fusebox. The black ground wires can be combined from each driver and all grounded to the same locations. STEP 9: Next, connect the RGBW Driver to the 4-way or 6-way splitter that is connected to the RGBW bluetooth or handheld Controller.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT plug the LED Board connector directly into controller without the driver. The LEDs must be plugged into driver first to control the power. Failure to do so will result in damage to the LED Board and WILL NOT be covered under warranty. STEP 10: Connect your RGBW controller to 12V power and ground. This will dictate when the LED Boards turn on. The most popular wiring choices are listed in the table below. STEP 11: Mount the drivers and controller, and tuck all wires. Drivers should be mounted outside of headlight for serviceability, in a location away from the engine block to avoid excessive heat buildup. The controller needs to be mounted in a position that avoids excessive heat. Test thoroughly, reseal headlights, and reinstall onto vehicle.