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BLOG A Guide to Underbody LED Lighting Kits Underbody LED lighting kits have become a popular choice among car enthusiasts, providing a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your vehicle at night. These lights are bright, they are seen at every angle of your vehicle, and there is not a person who will miss it. In this blog post, we'll explore what underbody kits are, the various options available, their specifications, differences between kits, installation steps, and why they're a great addition to your car. Here at Lighting Trendz, we offer several different options of Underbody Lighting and customization as well, so feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions that you have!

What is an Underbody Kit?

Underbody LED lighting is when you mount LED strips on the underside of the vehicle. This illuminates the road and helps your car stand out at night during car meets. These lights are the way to give your car that extra upgraded look that you can turn off and on. Depending on the LEDs that you choose, the lights can be versatile and change depending on your mood and vibe that day. With different remote options, you are sure to get the customization to make your vehicle stand out. Shop at

Options and Specifications:

Underbody kits come in various options such as LEDs (RGBW and FLOW) and, types of strips (aluminum and flexible kits). Different strip sizes are available as well, and all operate on a 12-volt system. The kits will also include a remote of your choice to light up your car in the way you prefer. With several different kit options, you are sure to pick the option that is perfect for you.

Different Types of Kits:

  • - Aluminum Underbody Kit: Entry-level, fits almost every vehicle, most durable, and easiest to install.
  • - Flexible Underbody Kit: Allows bending of strips for a cleaner look, suitable for intermediate installations.
  • - Six-Piece Kit: Top-tier option, provides a professional result with full coverage from wheel to wheel.
  • -Single vs Double: Single-row strips are easier to bend and contour, while double-row strips are brighter.

How to Install the Kit:


OPTIONAL FOR FLEXIBLE STRIPS: Prepare the strips by placing and securing them on a Porch Screening System Base strip with adhesive glue and zip ties for added security.

1. Find a suitable place to install the strips, avoiding places with scratches, damages, and interference with vehicle lifting points. If the spot has scratches, most likely, it will damage the LED light.

2. Clean mounting areas with alcohol or grease remover for long-lasting adhesion.

3. Mount the strips using adhesive glue and zip ties for extra durability.

4. Wire extensions through the car, following the original wiring or protected areas, and connect them to the controller mounted inside the vehicle.


1. Screw the provided metal clips on to the bottom of the vehicle where you intend on mounting the strip.

2. Clip the strip in place.

Where to Mount Wires and Strips:

When installing your underbody LED kit, it's crucial to pick the right spots for both wires and strips. Follow the natural flow of your vehicle's factory wiring harnesses, brake lines, and fuel lines. This ensures a clean and seamless integration that won't interfere with your car's functionality. Steer clear of trouble by avoiding the lowest points of the vehicle, areas with scratches or damage, and places that might mess with the lifting points of your ride. Additionally, give your exhaust some breathing room – maintain a minimum distance of six inches to keep things cool.

Wiring Tips:

Now that you know where to put your wires, let's talk about wiring like a pro. To prevent extensions from sagging and causing issues down the road, secure them tightly. Keep those extensions away from anything hot or moving – we want your setup to be as cool and stable as possible. Wrap it up! Use Tessa tape or wire loom to protect your extensions from the elements and potential hazards. For an even better electrical connection and to keep corrosion out, throw in some dielectric grease when making all your connections.

Controller Placement:

The brain of your operation, the controller, needs a cozy home. You can mount it anywhere inside your vehicle – just keep it away from hot and moving parts. This ensures your controller stays cool, collected, and in control of the light show happenin’ under your car.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

Finally, let's wrap up with some golden tips to keep in mind. When zip-tying your LED strips to the car, aim for roughly one inch away from the strip base (the side of the LED strip). This avoids unnecessary stress on the LEDs, especially when your car is in motion.

Before mounting anything, ensure you thoroughly clean all surfaces. A clean setup not only looks better but also sticks better. And for that extra stickiness, don't forget to utilize adhesive promoter – we recommend 3M 06396 for an added layer of adhesion magic. So go ahead, zip, stick, and light up the night with confidence!

Why Choose an Underbody Kit:

You should choose Underbody kits because they are great for people who attend a lot of night-time or indoor car show events. They provide an affordable, easy install way to draw attention to your vehicle.


Investing in an underbody LED lighting kit is a fantastic way to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, making it stand out during night-time events. Whether you opt for the entry-level aluminum kit, the flexible intermediate option, or a top-tier six-piece kit, you're sure to create a captivating display on the road. Illuminate the night, showcase your style, and turn heads wherever you go with mesmerizing underbody lighting.