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    Be aware of potential hazards in your vehicle's blind spots

    Blind spots. Nearly all vehicles have them, no matter how many mirrors we can check. Rydeen's BSS1LPB license plate bar-style detection system helps you avoid dangerous lane changes and parking lot misadventures by using microwave radar to alert you to vehicles or people in blind spots. It's relatively simple to install and provides alerts via visual and audio cues, so you're sure to know what's up before putting yourself or others in harm's way.

    Installs where you put your rear license plate without drilling or cutting

    The license-plate bar looks similar to a license plate-mounted rear-view camera, and it can be installed along the top or bottom of your vehicle's rear license plate or tag. Everything else installs inside your vehicle, and requires no drilling or cutting — simply find a suitable spot for the control box and GPS antenna. Once installed, the blind-spot detector works automatically once your speed goes over 20 mph (this speed threshold is manually adjustable).

    Works in nearly any type of vehicle

    Rydeen's BSS1LPB blind-spot detection system includes several pieces that connect to keep you informed. The main exterior component is the waterproof license plate bar, which houses the microwave radar transmitters for detecting objects in your blind spots. A GPS antenna improves accuracy and tracks your vehicle's speed to ensure you won't get alerts unless you're going over the pre-set limit. A pair of LED indicators — one for each A-pillar — provide lighting cues when vehicles or pedestrians are in your blind spot as you change lanes. A "buzzer" speaker unit accompanies the visual alerts with audio warnings. And the hideaway control box ties the whole system together via the included harnesses, which also tap into your vehicle's turn signals and taillights.

    Detects cross-traffic vehicles when you're in reverse, too

    If you don't have a stereo with a touchscreen for displaying rear-view camera images, the BSS1LPB can still help you get out of tight spots. Its cross-traffic detector engages when you put your vehicle into reverse, so you'll be aware of vehicles approaching from either side in parking lots and garages, even if you can't see around nearby cars or pillars. It won't alert you to objects directly behind your car on the ground, but you'll be able to ease out of your spot without fear of getting t-boned.

    Product highlights:

    • radar blind-spot detection system
    • package includes:
      • license plate bar with built-in microwave radar sensors
      • 2 LEDs with speaker unit
      • control box, GPS antenna, harnesses, and mounting hardware
    • detects blind spots when traveling over 20 mph (adjustable speed threshold)
    • detects cross traffic behind vehicle when reverse gear is engaged
    • detection angle: 52° horizontal
    • audio and visual alerts
    • detection ranges:
      • truck: 80 ft.
      • car: 65 ft.
      • motorcycle: 50 ft.
      • pedestrian: 45 ft.


    • certified IPX-67 water- and dust-resistant housing (license plate bar only)
    • license plate bar dimensions: 12"W x 1-15/16"H x 1-3/8"D

    Order Includes

    • BSS Sensor Bar w/attached 33" cable terminated in a proprietary male connector
    • Main Unit (control box)
    • Buzzer w/attached 77" cable terminated in a 2-pin plug
    • GPS antenna w/adhesive backing and attached 77" cable terminated in a male 3.5 mm jack
    • 2 LEDs w/adhesive backing and attached 20" cable terminated in a proprietary male connector
    • 2 LED housing pieces (with 2 extra double-sided 3M adhesive patches for LEDs)
    • 23' Extension cable for BSS Sensor Bar terminated in a proprietary female connector on one end splitting into two proprietary male connectors on the other end
    • Two 23' extension cables (one for each LED) with proprietary male connector on one end and a proprietary female connector on other end
    • Buzzer w/attached 76" cable terminated in a 2-pin plug
    • Main harness (with 32" cables terminating in connectors for peripherals and 70" bare-ended Trigger and Gnd wires along with a 15.5' ACC power wire)
    • 2.38" square patch of double-sided 3M tape
    • Four 2.88" x 2.44" patches of "hook-and-loop" fastener
    • Ten 6" wire-ties
    • Three M6 hex-socket screws
    • 3 Hex-nuts
    • 3 Flat-washers
    • M6 Allen key
    • Installation instructions


    Install Instructions

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