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COVID 19 Update: How it is effecting shipping


There have been several questions recently regarding shipping/transit times taking longer than what our customers are used to.



1) Flights carrying international mail have been reduced in an effort to lower the spread of the virus. Flights carrying imported and/or exported goods. It is common for most mail carriers to have their own planes, but, even with their own planes, they cannot maintain normal service levels. Therefore, mail carriers use cargo space on commercial aircrafts to also transport goods. These commercial aircraft flights have been dramatically lowered or even totally suspended in some countries. This can adversely affect transit times; often resulting in items waiting to be loaded onto planes at the departure airport hubs.


2) Mail carriers have lower workforce due to self-isolation measures implemented by the government. This will increase the time it takes for mail to be sorted and handled.


3) Most postal offices across the global networks are open, however as a result of the situation, some are experiencing closures or reduced opening hours.

4) We appreciate your business greatly. We are working to process and ship orders as quickly as possible.


In light of the above, we sincerely hope that customers allow more time for their orders to arrive and that they understand the pressure being applied to the postal services all across the globe.


We greatly appreciate your continued support , patience and look forward to seeing all your finished projects in the 2020 car show season!

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